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Season 1

Wide Recievers Rankings Part 1

June 1, 2021

The Dudes talk bad tattoos, being recognized in a bathroom, chunky vs. creamy, 24-11 wide receivers, and much more fantasy football news. Website Store…

Running Back rankings top 10 (part 2)

May 25, 2021

This week the Dudes recap Sunday Surveys, talk BQFC, finish their running backs rankings, egg bets, and much more. Tim Tebow jersey getting #1 spot on Jags website Julio wants to go to the Patriots Running back rankings 10-1…

Running Back Rankings Part 1

May 18, 2021

The dudes talk 2021 RBs 24-11, Jordan moved, it’s Phill’s bday, they decide sushi or pizza and who wins in a fistfight Bortles or Dalton. Hurts vs Herbie Naj Harris vs Jk Dobbins NFL schedule release NFL Revenge tour Running…

Dude’s NFL Draft Recap

May 4, 2021

Trent, Jordan, and Phill discuss their draft parties, draft spread, what teams were the biggest winners and loser, and recent NFL news Draft party recap -Survey results Book 16% or movie 84% Better career waddle 36% vs chase…

Dudes Last Supper

April 20, 2021

The dudes talk last meals, start the second half of their mock draft, answer fan questions, recap Jordy’s birthday and Trent makes fun of Phill’s pink knee brace. Dudes have their last meal - Mock draft 16-24 Mock draft pick…

Drafting Dudes Part 2

April 13, 2021

The dudes break down all the latest fantasy football news. They recap Sunday surveys, answer fan questions, and draft 9-16. Also, Trent fills us in on what he was smoking this weekend and they do an ice cream draft. Happy Du…

NFL Mock Draft

April 6, 2021

Mock draft for The Dudes! The Dudes break down picks 1-8 Plus fan questions, what you smoking, and a sports movie draft. Grab a hat by rate, reviewing, and subscribing. Link for a free hat. https://www.thefantasyfootballdude…

Fan mail and sweets

March 30, 2021

This week the guys talk rookie draft, react to who won in the trade between Miami or San Francisco, A candy draft, are Peeps (good or bad), and do an Easter candy draft. Also, Jordy talks about his bets, plus What You Smoki…

NFL, Hoops and Fast food

March 23, 2021

This week the dudes recap their Sunday surveys and break down the latest fantasy football news. This week's free agency fantasy winners, and losers. The dudes talk NFL happenings, Jordan talks NCAA brackets and betting, the…

Free agency and HBO

March 16, 2021

In preparation for the draft, the guys do another mock draft. This time cereal. We talk free agents, Drew Brees retiring, and much more. Want a free hat, give us a rating, screenshot and email us at Want …

Dak and donuts

March 9, 2021

The Dudes react to Dak's contract signing, things they love and hate about fantasy football(of all things). Phill has the number one pick in a donut draft. Did he screw it up? For a chance at a free hat, review our show and …

Send Watt?

March 2, 2021

The Dudes react to the recent JJ Watt sweepstakes Share the best dod bod survey results. Phill recaps his weekend with the inlaws and gives mother-in-law advice. The Dudes challenge each other to do Drew Brees' workout. Home…

Fantasy Yard Sale

Feb. 23, 2021

The Fantasy Football Dudes are back! On this week's episode Trent, Phill, and Jordan react to all the latest fantasy football news and more importantly, their offseason sells. Phill fires up the grill, Jordan fires out his t…

Valentines and Breakouts

Feb. 17, 2021

The Dudes recap their Valentines. Jordan lets us in on his love life. New segment announcement Smoked meats 2021 breakout players Join us weekly for all of your fantasy football fun.

Super Bowl Recap Come on man

Feb. 9, 2021

The Dudes recap the Super Bowl Trent, Jordan, and Phill have some fun recapping the Super Bowl, answer some fan mail, and more. Jordan apologizes for his Mahomes is the GOAT claims. Prop bets recap Brady vs Jordan Early bold…

Super Bowl Props and predictions

Feb. 3, 2021

The Dudes break down some DFS fun and Super Bowl Predictions. Philly, the kid, joins the dudes. Matt Stafford Trade quarterback trades DFS Tournament Props Gatorade coin…

Brady and Mahomes

Jan. 25, 2021

The Dudes do an NFC/AFC championship recap and more. Bucs vs. Packers recap Chiefs vs. Bills Recap super bowl spread First home super bowl team Early fantasy rankings Michael Thomas hate Super bowl fun Quarterback rankings R…

Dude Combine

Jan. 20, 2021

Jordan is somewhere on a beach. So Trent and Samuel try to stay on the rails the best they can. The dude's recap on the Division matchups Give their dudes and duds of the week. Have some DFS picks Crocs vs Jordans? Bills Maf…

DFS Picks, and kicks

Jan. 13, 2021

The dudes' recap on last week's dudes and duds. Hello Alaska National championship recap More coaches fired DFS picks and kicks Upset of the week Find out more about the dudes at Our …

Playoff DFS Preview

Jan. 6, 2021

Pre Recorded live every Tuesday night. The Dudes break down last weeks dudes, and duds. Some of them aren't alive, and some of them don't have jobs. Browns make playoffs Kicker beer challenge DFS listener league. Super Bowl …

Fantasy Award Show, more yetis?

Dec. 30, 2020

The Dudes recap championship week. Trent brings home the crown, Jordan comes up short. Samuel celebrates his brothers' defeat. Last show of the year. Tune in again next week. Dudes and duds Super Bowl predictions NFL MVP and…

Yetis and chicken strips

Dec. 24, 2020

Merry Christmas from the Dudes. Today's show is brought to you by "Enter the Crest" The Dudes give out their Yeti mugs. (10) Give their starts of the week, and argue. Break down some matchups. Fan mail, what is poi? Check yo…

Championship Matchups and recap

Dec. 22, 2020

The dudes hammered their picks last week. Dudes, do a quick recap and jump into matchups for Fantasy championship week. Jordan is back in the saddle. Matchups for the week and last episode before our yeti giveaway.

Fantasy toddler week 15, yeti sign up

Dec. 17, 2020

Week 14 recap Trent’s back from maternity leave TNF preview Fantasy toddler Starts and sits Upset alert

Starts & Sits week 14 Yeti giveaway

Dec. 10, 2020

The dudes break down their starts and sits. announce the dude store Waiver wire winner of the year Upset of the week Some jokes Quarterbacks Running Backes Defenses Wide receivers Tight Ends No kickers Rate, review, subscrib…

Yeti mug give away week 14 waivers, dudes and duds

Dec. 8, 2020

The Fantasy football dudes go over their dudes and dudes. Samuel gets as close to the black hole as possible during a pandemic. Yeti mug giveaway at

Week 13 start and sits DFS

Dec. 4, 2020

Pre recorded live, the dudes go over their starts and sits. Samuel describes the thrill of podcasting. Jordan gives us his DFS cheap seats. The dudes have a studio phone? Pat calls in and asks the dudes some fantasy question…

Week 13 NFL the show must go on and Raiders haircut bet

Dec. 1, 2020

Dudes and duds, burnt turkeys. Haircut bets, quarterback streams of the week. Waiver wire adds. Sit back relax and enjoy the dudes. Samuel stresses when waivers will go thru. The dudes applaud Commish Goodell's resiliency in…