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The dudes are my people

Don’t be rude! Listen to the Dudes!


If you want to get the best insights on fantasy football, I’d highly recommend listening in to the dudes !!!


These guys are hilarious and have great content. Highly recommend giving them a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

10/10 show

These guys give some great fantasy insight and get super detailed. This is a must-listen if you want to win your fantasy league 🏆

Great fantasy football content

My go to podcast for fantasy football. Lots of knowledge and quality content. Check out this podcast before you set your weekly lineup!

Fantasy extravaganza

These guys are great, easy listen and just like the boys sitting around shooting the breeze. Great stuff and recommend to several buddies of mine.

football dudes

you guys are the best you bring informitive opinions and back those up with the whys and i love that.You have one of the best pods around

My Mains.

This is a quality go-to podcast. These guys bring different opinions, fun banter, and a commitment to helping you put out the best roster every week. If you are not listening to these guys, you’re missing out.

Just dudes being dudes

Trent, Phill, and Jordan are exactly what you’d expect from three DUDES talking about football, relatable. They encompass every aspect of fantasy football from starts/sits (especially the disappointing ones), plays of the week, and weekly recaps. The difference among other podcasts is this one is very personable. In my experience, the Dudes have been easy to communicate with on other media platforms, and even host Twitter Spaces, which allows more detail for questions and answers. Dan Hanzus would have a hard time keeping this one out of his top Podcast Power Rankings

Worth the listen and follow

Down to earth dudes who love football and good barbecue. Entertaining podcast and the egg bet is always worth the listen.

These dudes are relatable!

Love listening to these guys! It’s just like sitting around arguing football with your friends! Except the dudes are here for you in your car when your friends can’t be. Keep it up guys!

Why isn’t 6 stars an option?

The Dudes are great! Been a listener for a few months now and these guys are amazing, they keep their shows upbeat and fun, while also making sure you get all the information you need! I highly recommend giving the Dudes a listen, and then telling a fiend to do the same!

These dudes are awesome!!

I found this pod through some connections on Twitter and I absolutely love it! Not only is one of them a Cowboys fan (woo!), but also, they respond so quickly on Twitter and it is so helpful. Love listening to them every week. Keep up the good work!

Fantasy Football Dudes 👏👏👏

Trent, Phill and Jordan are bring energy, insights, and excitement on the latest and greatest in sports! Hit the subscribe button for awesome content!


The best Fantasy football podcast around! Just 3 dudes being dudes wrapping about football doesn’t get any better than that!

Love it

Trent, Jordan, and Phill bring it year round!

The gushers of podcasts

These guys are like fruit snacks. I can’t get enough of them! Yummy yummy!


I listen to this on the way to work and it brings joy to my day !!!

A Very Very Good Podcast

As entertaining as it is insightful. What more can you ask for?

Great Fantasy Football Podcast

Great dynamic, great opinions. Except for Phil. He owes me a Chipotle burrito. With guac.

Great Podcast

While the amount of Fantasy Football knowledge of this podcast is great, the Dudes are even funnier. As a person who listens to multiple podcasts, I really enjoy this one as it makes me laugh the most and gives me the most insight into the Fantasy Football world.


Yo this is Riggs, these guys are great...all realistic, non bias news and debates. I’m definitely going to be giving these guys a 5 star they have the best hats in the game🤤

Instant Classic

These guys are a bunch of clowns. I hate to admit that they somewhat know what they’re talking about because of how much they don’t, but when it comes to football, these guys know their stuff (at least the fantasy part of it). Give these guys a listen for for great laughs and good advice.

Sports on Full Send

Trent has a voice like an angel mixed with that of Monday Night Football commentator. While you may come for the sports talk, you’ll stay for everyone’s personality and jokes. Don’t think twice before subscribing. If you are a sports fan, you’ll be a TFFdudes fan too!


I initially came here for the fun and games... but then I was greatly awakened when I realized they actually new their stuff.. Greta podcast💪🏿

Great pod!!

These guys are hilarious and they helped me win my fantasy league, I just did the opposite of everything Phil said.

These guys are Like Jesus but worse

BEST PODCAST EVER, I can’t stop listening even to it and love every guy in this group, the new Guy Zach is sooooo amazing, is he single? I was wondering if you can give me his number becuase he sounds really cute. Lmk ;)

Back to Life

My fantasy football life was over. I was no longer participating in leagues because of the boredom of fantasy football. Then The Fantasy Dudes came along and revived me! I started listening to these guys and couldn’t stop! They are funny, made my fantasy team great, and made fantasy football enjoyable again. I definitely recommend these guys to everyone who plays fantasy football!

Brandon Alvarez

These group of guys are really cool and funny love hearing there podcast makes my day 10x better.

Zero to Hero💪🤠

This podcast CHANGED MY LIFE!!! Before this podcast, my friends would laugh at me and call me mean names. I could never make playoffs, and Carson Wentz was my go to QB. Thanks to this pod, the light had been shined upon me and I have now reached a new level of enlightenment. Now my friends refer to me as “King Fantasy” and my recent undefeated season has them bowing down to me. The Fantasy Football Dudes have turned my life around and I am now on the path of righteousness. You guys even fixed my marriage!! My wife finally thinks I’m cool again🙏 Best podcast out there for football, relationship advice, and fantasy...

Helped me win my fantasy league

My fantasy team was in a dark place. The dudes served as a rehab center and turned it around for me and my guys. Ended in a first place finish. Forever grateful. -One Happy Customer

This podcast saved my life

This podcasts recommendations made me bet my Life savings on a game of fantasy football, that being said thanks to these great recommendations I am now a billionaire. Thanks Fantasy Football dudes!

Love it

These guys are funny, and knowledgeable.

Great podcast

These guys are hilarious! Jordan Trent and Sam they are fantasy football Gods. They know everything there is to know about fantasy football and helped me win a championship!! The fantasy football dudes are the best

5 stars from me!

These guys do a great job, they know their fantasy football, good on the mic and are funny! I’ll keep listening!

Brought me and my sons closer

I am not a sports guy and this pod cast has brought me and my sons closer. I can’t believe a low level uninformed pod cast could do it. We haven’t learned anything we just make fun of the host together and that brought us together. Thanks. AG

Yeti winner

I have never loved a podcast more than this one. These three are nonstop laughs and they know their football. On top of that they give yetis away left and right and may I say as a winner, this is the best yeti I’ve ever had. The white looks clean and the logo is awesome. Love the conversations this yeti has brought about the fantasy football dudes podcast. Check them out.

G.O.A.T. podcast

You want to listen to the best podcast. No question about it, The Fantasy Dudes podcast is the way to go. You want to know more about football, this is your one stop. Hands down best podcast out there! Stop being a boy and become a man by listening today.

Sooner love

Boomer Sooners, love these cool cats! Boomer Sooners y’all!

A Changed Man

When I first heard about this podcast, I was skeptical of the quality. The hosts reputation in the fantasy football industry was suspect at best. But all it took was one week of listening and a couple good start em picks, and I’ve changed my tune. Now I’m a regular listener. Best show in sports right now. Trent Jackson is a poor man’s Skip Bayless. Samuel Marshall is the next Will Cain. Jordan Mehta would make a good intern.

Love it!

Perfect for my commute to work! The hosts undoubtedly love fantasy football and are great to listen to

Best fantasy football pod you can find.

This podcast has it all. If you want to be entertained with jokes or want the actual fantasy football content you need to win your league you can find it here.

Great podcast

This podcast is AWESOME. So many cool things to learn and every episode has detailed, really fun to listen to, info. If you’re looking for a podcast about fantasy football, look no further Bc this is the one!


The most soothing football voice EVER.

This guy was born with a poddy mouth

Absolutely hands down the best pod around. Trent Jackson was born with fantasy intelligence and a natural comfort with a mic. If your over the age of 35 and looking for love this pod will give you happiness

Best Fantasy Advice Around

Absolutely amazing! I am undefeated since I have started listening to this podcast. There’s nothing else you need to be successful in fantasy football end of story.

Won’t Give You Mono

Trent, Randall, and Samuel are great hosts! Gives me some great pointers, and they are quite funny. Worth a listen!

granny jaxs

love him like a grandson


Gets better every time!

Long time listener, first time reviewer

I’ve found my new addiction, this and heroine.


This guy is incredible, can’t believe I can get this much information for free. He has made all of my fantasies better.

Best bang for your buck podcast

Who wants to listen to hour long fantasy podcasts these days? Not anyone with a life. Trent is a great host and knows his stuff. Whoever writes that fraud Randall’s script could use some improvement. But when it all comes down to it, we’re all dudes at heart.


Where else can you get that much information? I think I am tunneling in thursday 😊

Stunning insights

Everyone should turned my season and life around


A fantasy prophet