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Jan. 20, 2021

Dude Combine

Dude Combine

  • Jordan is somewhere on a beach. So Trent and Samuel try to stay on the rails the best they can. 
  • The dude's recap on the Division matchups
  • Give their dudes and duds of the week.
  • Have some DFS picks
  • Crocs vs Jordans?
  • Bills Mafia baptism
  • DFS picks sneaky plays and more
  • broken table bet

DFS tournament

Show outline 

 Bell Buckle Tenn

-DFS winners


 divisional recap 

-Ravens Offense Disappeared 


-Packers-most dominant team last week 

-Chiefs, Henne comes up clutch

-Saints, Brees, Thomas, and Kamara

-Bucs, Brady wins the Divorce with Belicheck 

-no Brees, where does Kamara get drafted?


Trent=Tom Brady 

Samuel= pick 6, Taron Johnson Bills vs Ravens



Trent=Randi Mahomes 

Samuel= Drew Brees

Daily Fantasy sports (Draft Kings)

Bills at Chiefs

 Mahomes? Does NFL make Mahomes play?

  • -Bucs at Packers