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April 20, 2021

You're hosting a draft party - 3 things to keep dudes/dudettes happy

You're hosting a draft party - 3 things to keep dudes/dudettes happy

It’s almost here: Draft Day 2021. However, it is obvious who the Jags are taking in the first round, your draft party doesn’t need to be. People want fun, entertaining, and delicious. And not just the normal dogs and cornhole people are used to playing at a tailgate or a draft party. Your party needs to be more. The Dudes are not only the best at fantasy football advice, but they are also great party planners. Here are our top 3 things to keep your friends happy at a draft party. 


  1. Party games. 

Cornhole is 2019. Indoor field goal kicking is what your party needs. Fun fact about a dude, Phill’s brother once punted (breaking a ceiling fan) on fourth and long while playing living room football. While their parents weren't happy, it was definitely the right move. For your draft, you need indoor field goal kicking. No, it isn’t dangerous. In fact, this is likely the safest your furniture will be that night. We all have a friend who punches walls when their team makes a bad selection. What you’ll need is painters tape (any color), a nerf football, and a blank wall. The game: find a blank wall in your house and use painters tape to put up a field goal about three feet off the ground. Three yards away is one point and five yards away is three. The person with the highest score after four quarters wins. *Shoes are not allowed. Holder is not encouraged. 


  1. The food. 

What do people want? Like we said before, not dogs. Hotdogs are peasant food. They are what you eat when you haven’t planned. Dudes aren’t slackers. Dudes plan. Your friends and family want smoke. That is right, SMOKE show. We highly recommend smoking a pork shoulder on your favorite smoking unit. Pork shoulder is versatile enough to make the three things people love to eat with their hands: nachos, sliders, and tacos. If you are the host and you’re trying to impress a sig (significant other), make sure you start early in the morning, post it on IG, and use the hashtag #whatyousmoking. In all honesty, if anyone complains about pork shoulder at your party, they probably shouldn’t have been invited anyway. 


  1. Ambiance. 

It is definitely all about the draft. However, there is downtime, weird pauses, and at times, awkward conversation. Always that friend of a friend… Anyhow, make those pauses, awkward silences, and muted commercials more enjoyable by having a stellar playlist in the background. Sure, you can find one on Spotify, but here are five songs that are an absolute must at any draft party: CCR - Fortunate Son, Sturgill Simpson - Life Ain't Fair and the World is Mean Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel, Eric Church - Desperate Man, and last but certainly not least, Avett Brothers - High Steppin’. The songs will keep the tempo up, people moving, and the draft more exciting. 


If you use any of our draft party advice, don’t forget to tag us @tffdudes. We enjoy seeing fan pics and who knows, you may get featured on the pod. 


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