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May 29, 2021

Egg Bets (updated 9/23)

Egg Bets (updated 9/23)

Kick-off and fantasy drafts may be months away, but The Dudes are already setting high stakes! 

You may be wondering, what is an egg bet? 

Egg bet; when a dude makes a wager with a dude, the loser of the wager gets a raw egg cracked on his dome. 


It may be offseason but the dudes are still betting eggs. Follow our egg bets below. 


  • Better week 1 fantasy finish Justin Herbert(WFT, Trent) vs. Trevor Lawrence (Houston, Phill). 
  • Week 3, Head to Head matchup. Phill vs. Jordan. Trent vs. Phill

                                                       -Season Long

  • Who has a better fantasy football season?  Justin Herbert(Trent) vs Jalen Hurts(Jordan)


  • Jets win 7.5 games over/under. Phill takes over vs. Trent and Jordan


  • Deandre Swift Finishes top 10. FF Steve vs Trent 


  • The 49ers win 10.5 games. Trent takes over vs. Jordan and Phill Watch here     


  • Cee Dee Lamb finishes higher than Calvin Ridley. Trent takes Lamb, Jordan takes Ridley. 


  • Kyle Pitts gets 874.5 receiving yards. Trent takes over, Phill takes under.


  • (completed) The lions win the division if Rodgers doesn't play. Phill takes Lions, Jordan says no. Void if Rodgers plays. (Voided)


  • Gronk finishes top 10 for tight ends. Phill and Trent vs Jordan


  • Najee Harris has more fantasy points than Saquon Barkley. Phill vs Jordan


  • Chris Carson better fantasy finish than Javonte Williams. Trent (CC) vs Jordan (JW)


  • Zay Jones has more fantasy points than Henry Ruggs, weeks 5-10. (Phill vs. Jordan)


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