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June 1, 2022

6 Different Ways to Play Fantasy Football

No significant news lately in the NFL. Get your fantasy football group text fired up with a couple of new rule suggestions. Besides, it is your job to make sure someone is always complaining to your commissioner? Drop a couple of these suggestions and watch his head explode! Also, we got the Dudes favorite BBQ deal of the week. Don’t be caught this memorial day with overcooked meat!

1. Points per 1st down

The scoring is pretty self-explanatory. Players are rewarded a full point or half a point for every rushing or receiving 1st down. Of course, you could customize this for passing as well. 3rd and short just got even more interesting.

2. Tight End Premium

One of the more popular additions to fantasy football, TE premium increases the importance of tight ends by giving them an extra .5 or full point per reception or an extra point or two for touchdowns. 

3. Keeper Leagues

The same as a standard fantasy football league, except that each team gets to keep a certain number of players. Usually, those players are kept in the first few rounds.

4. Super Flex

An extra flex position but even more flexible. Super Flex might not be for the football purest. This Sunday at church, I was told this is the future of fantasy football, and unfortunately, I cant tell the future, but I can tell you this is a fun way to play fantasy football.

5. Third Round Reversal

Your fantasy league is most likely a snake draft. Third-round reversal is the same as Snake, except the 1st overall team doesn’t get back-to-back picks in the 2nd round. It reverses back to the team with the last selection and then switches back every 3 rounds. I have been wanting to try this for years but cannot find anyone interested, and I believe it really would balance the draft and help keep the bookends of the draft more involved. If you are confused check out the link below.

What is 3rd Round Reversal?

6. Auction Leagues

Everyone gets a budget, and they bid on every single player. Usually, it makes for a longer draft, but what diva will complain about a draft being too long? If someone is complaining about a long draft, you probably don’t want that Dude in your league.

Which setting above are you most willing to try? Also which draft should the Dudes do next? Maybe things you would only call your mother-in-law? Check out our College football draft from this week’s show.

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