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July 9, 2021

5 Tips to Throw a Killer Fantasy Draft party

5 Tips to Throw a Killer Fantasy Draft party

     Fantasy football drafts are quickly approaching. For most of you, it is your favorite holiday. Your favorite dudes and good food. But for commissioners, it can be more stressful than small talk with your mother-in-law. Trust me, we have all been there. Every draft is unique in its own way, with big reaches and just completely stupid picks. But, as a commissioner, I have always wanted each draft to be better than the last. 


Below are my 5 tips to make this year's draft the best one yet. 


  1. Last place trophy: make it after an ex-member of the league. A great example would be to name it after Eddie Lacey. He probably burned some guys in your league. Get a toilet lid and write the names of past losers on it. The last place guy absolutely has to wear it around their neck during the draft. At the very least, for pictures. 
  2. Killer snacks: pizza is out, nacho bars are in. Make a massive plate of nachos with pulled pork, jalapenos, guac, beans, and sour cream. The sky is the limit with nacho toppings, so let your league mates create their own. A smoker with some ribs for a draft intermission is a pro tip. Other small items ABSOLUTELY needed are buttered nuts (this is pure class), cool, crisp sodas, and light charcuterie. Just your typical cheeses and meats to go along with everything else. 
  3. Corn hole or ping pong: EVERY draft has the same one or two guys late every year. Let's be honest, everyone hates those guys, but they've been a part of the league for a long time and usually are good for a win or two. While you are waiting for guests is a great time to have some cornhole. It is the ultimate game for small talk and reminisces last year's season. No one will complain about playing corn hole. When everyone is there, start the draft.
  4. Props: Go to your local hardware store, buy PVC pipe, and make a field goal post(picture below). It can also double as a super bowl prop. Put it in the front yard where the guys park or your back yard to kick PATs while others play corn hole. Make a mini one for flick football. Great time killer while you are waiting for the guy who came late to make his pick because he didn't listen to The Dudes, and his magazine from June isn't up to date anymore. 
  5. In-person Drafts only: have your draft in person. Don't let guys draft from home unless they have a doctor's note. There is no excuse to not go to your draft. You wouldn't miss your family Christmas, so don't miss your league draft. Remember, everyone is replaceable. 
  6. Pro tips for guests: Bring some meat for the smoker, some drinks for the cooler, and last but not least, Don't Be Rude, Tell a Dude. 


Happy draft season, and Good luck.


-The Dudes


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