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May 2, 2021

5 NFL Draft Day Awards

5 NFL Draft Day Awards

         The draft is over. Everyone has left your house. Hopefully, you don't have too much of a mess in your man cave. Instead of doing a complete breakdown of the entire 1st round, we thought we would have some NFL yearbook awards in honor of the school year coming to an end. Although we didn't have the best body award, it would have been Quinn Meinerz… I will never understand why football players over 280 pounds think it looks good to have their tummy hanging out. But he seemed to rock it. But that is beside the point. Hopefully, you enjoy our draft awards. Remember, don't be rude. Tell a dude.  

1. "Worst Break up" 

Sam Darnold and the Jets. Not only did the Jets trade Darnold, but they went out and got a new quarterback, plus they seem to have drafted pieces to make the new relationship last. This would be equivalent to your high school girlfriend telling you, "it's not you, it's me, and I really don't want a boyfriend." Then going out with the fat guy two days later. I'm sure he has a great personality, Sam. 


2. "Most likely to never Change"

This goes out to "Kings of Leon," they performed a song they wrote 13 years ago and possibly the only song they have ever written. Come on, NFL.  Nashville had to have had better options. 


3. "Class clown"

This goes to Mike Mayock, who used to be a draft expert for NFL Network. What happened? Luckily Vegas is used to weird short relationships. The Raiders really are the perfect team for that city, especially with their first-round draft pick Alex Leatherwood, who was 2nd rounder on most teams' boards. I will be shocked if this award changes next year. 


4. "Should have been a couple"

Cincinnati Bengals and Penei Sewell. For fantasy purposes, Burrow and Chase back together are going to be electric. I agree, but have you seen the picture of JB's knee? A ferocious lineman-like Sewell was the right pick for Cincinnati. 


5. Cutest couple

Mac Jones and the Patriots. Not only was Mac Jones the Patriots favorite quarterback on the board. But he fell to them. They didn't even have to trade up for him. This was the perfect landing spot for Mac. Why do teams continue to let the Patriots do stuff like this? 


What did we miss?

Did we miss any awards? Let us know at We would love to hear from you, don't miss this week's podcast Tuesday morning. Take care and Happy Dudesday. 

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